Professional software for gas turbine performance calculations. Built for engineers, managers, researchers and students alike.

Easy Handling

Intuitive Task-Oriented User Interface

Immediate Results

Predefined Configurations

Versatile Graphical Output

Publication Quality Charts

Adaptable Models

Formula Editor and Flexible Iteration Scheme

Detailed Manual

Comprehensive Documentation for Each Feature

GasTurb offers software that is used worldwide in a number of industries as well as in science and education.

The gas turbine performance software on this website is useful for those working in the gas turbine industry, aircraft engine and airframe manufacturing, the airline industry, aircraft engine maintenance, power generation industry and for other operators of air, land and sea-based gas turbines. It is valuable for consultants, as well as research organizations and – last but not least – the software is extremely suitable as a teaching tool in an educational setting.

The main differences between GasTurb and other competitive software lie in its task-oriented graphics interface and the quality of the graphical output.

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