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Omnis Agile – ConceptsNREC – The Next Generation of Turbomachinery

Omnis Agile – ConceptsNREC – The Next Generation of Turbomachinery

OMNIS 2020 Software Release

The future of turbomachinery design is here!

Concepts NREC is happy to announce that the transition of our design tools to the OMNIS platform is well underway! AXIAL™, our axial turbine and compressor meanline design and analysis product, has already made the transition. In addition, much of the axial context of our flagship 3-D design product, AxCent®, has also been migrated to this new platform.

OMNIS will empower turbomachinery designers by leveraging the power of Concepts NREC and NUMECA International design & analysis tools to push the boundaries of performance and durability, all in a single interface.

For customers transitioning to the OMNIS platform, there will be a one-time fee to obtain all the benefits. Although the transition of our Agile™ products is only mid-stream, we are pleased to announce that for the remainder of 2020, we are offering customers that are willing to commit to the future of turbomachinery design a 25% discount on this fee!

Purchasing now will allow you to explore your products’ capabilities as they are added to OMNIS in addition to your license(s) for the legacy versions of each product. In addition, any new purchases of AXIAL and/or AxCent before November 30, 2020 will make you eligible for a full waiver of this fee!

Some of the turbomachinery design benefits to the OMNIS platform are:

  • Integration of all products in a single interface
  • Single source of fluid libraries
  • System level analysis for cycle analysis

Other additional benefits that the OMNIS platform provides are:

  • CAD import and geometric modification/preparation functionality
  • Improved unstructured gridding capabilities with OMNIS/Hexpress
  • Solver Plugin API

For a detailed summary of NUMECA capabilities in OMNIS click here.

Please contact your regional sales manager for further details on how to take advantage of this offer while it lasts!

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